Thunderbird Calendar Rearrangement

There are some tasks which are just right for Friday afternoon. I've got a to-do list with a number of urgent items on it, but none of them seem very appealing on a Friday afternoon. Especially when there's a holiday Monday coming up. So of course I not only chose a non-essential item to spend my energies on this afternoon; I chose one which wasn't even on my to-do list.

My calendar in Thunderbird has been bothering me lately. I like to keep all my appointments in it from when I first started using an electronic diary, which is now quite a few years' worth. This makes Thunderbird very unhappy, as it struggles to index and display all the events every time you use the Add-in Calendar (Lightning). Chug chug chug.

And there's another problem. I have an online synchronising service, the excellent Scheduleworld ( with which I synchronise regularly. While it normally only syncs the events which have changed, Thunderbird will occasionally decide that it really must sync Everything, which it subsequently does. This takes it about 15 minutes, during which time I can't do much with my computer.

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