Roundcube 1.38 add plugin (on Ubuntu 18)

File locations are a bit all over the shop in this version, so this is how it works out. For reference the actual program files are downloaded to /usr/share/roundcube/ the config happens in /etc/roundcube the web directory is in /var/lib/roundcube, which contains symlinks to the above locations. This is the one you add to your … Read more

Git pull stopped working

So this is a weird one. I’d previously grabbed some code from a git repository. But recently when I went to update it, I got an error fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection[1:]: errno=Connection refused Uh-oh. Thinking it might be a transient error, I left it for a while. But then … Read more

Gimp 2.8 Resynthesizer Plugin Ubuntu 18.

Seems like this plugin changes the rules ever so often. This is what worked for me today.  Remove old plugins from ~/.gimp2.8/plug-ins/ Get the latest code from git clone Install dependencies and compile code. ./configure doesn’t work as suggested, so I just ran the .autogen script, which did.  sudo apt install libglib2.0-dev libgimp2.0-dev automake intltool./ makesudo … Read more

Counting files in subdirectories.

ze countOK, it sounds simple, and it probably is if you’re sitting at your desktop with Gnome or KDE fired up. However if you’re looking on a server half way across the world, using the command line its not so easy.

There are a number of tools which are useful in finding out things about your filesystem. ls, du, df are three of them, but sometimes they just don’t give you the information you need. In my case I’m backing up a server to a remote location. The script was timing out becase I was trying to back up too many files at once, so I needed to find the number of files in each subdirectory.

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