Changing default port for grafana agent

This was much more difficult than it should have been. Grafana agent runs on port 9090 and 9091, so when I installed it on a server where nginx was using those ports, I got an error, not unreasonably. error creating the agent server entrypoint" err="creating HTTP listener: listen tcp bind: address already in use … Read more

php-fpm monitoring for single domain

Ran into this one recently and the solution came out of left field, so I thought I'd throw it out to the internet at large. I've got a server which is running php-fpm and nginx. However it has several websites running on it, each of which has its own php-fpm/pool.d/ profile. We were having a problem with one of the websites, which got a lot more traffic than the others, so we needed a way to monitor its php-fpm performance.

Setting up php monitoring is not hard. There are many guides around the internet. You put the line

pm.status_path = /status

in your fpm pool file, then add a block to your nginx config so that it can only be accessed by certain IP addresses.

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Mysql 8 Binary Logs ON by default

I'm not sure how typing this in my quiet corner of the internet will be effective in broadcasting the message, but this is a Big Deal for server administrators. Previously binary logging was disabled by default, but now, with the default settings, if you have a busy database server, pretty soon you'll have a hefty … Read more