COV-19 Resources in Philippines

Partially for my own use, partially in case it helps anyone else out there, this aims to be a list of useful, non-fake-news resources for navigating the next few months. Feel free to suggest more below. If you are feeling unwell and want to know what you should do, this article summarizes your options. [Executive … Read more

Alternative DNS servers in the Philippines

Sometimes the default DNS servers for ISPs in the Philippines don't work. Sometimes they get overloaded, sometimes they block certain sites and not others due to internal agendas (PLDT blocking Globe sites for eg.). So here's a list of the alternatives. Outside the Philippines Cloudflare, APNIC[added Mar 2019. Current favourite] Google DNS (IPv6)2001:4860:4860::8844 … Read more

Job (in)security

Knot the way to do it
Knot the way to do it

Now every so often I complain about my job. No, really. I do. But then something happens to make me realise how lucky I really am. And one of those moments happened just yesterday.

I'll set the scene. Its just after two major typhoons have torn apart the Philippines. Its wet and rainy and the residual wind occasionally rattles the windows. I'm slogging away in front of my computer on a fairly mundane task, and having a bit of a hard time concentrating. I look out of the window. And I see some rope going past. Rope with a knot in it.

This particular ropeĀ  doesn't look very safe to me, but then again what do I know. I'm not a sailor, and this could be some kind of special frayed knot type thing which is actually very safe. Interested by now, I take a look out of the window.

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Attack of the mutant lamppost.

So I was working from home the other day, around mid-morning, when I heard a mighty crunch from outside. I looked out my window and was confronted with the scene to the left. I snapped a picture, and watched as a crowd started to gather, and then after about 5 minutes, the driver emerged from … Read more