Gimp 2.8 Resynthesizer Plugin Ubuntu 18.

Seems like this plugin changes the rules ever so often. This is what worked for me today. 

Remove old plugins from ~/.gimp2.8/plug-ins/

Get the latest code from

git clone

Install dependencies and compile code. ./configure doesn't work as suggested, so I just ran the .autogen script, which did. 

sudo apt install libglib2.0-dev libgimp2.0-dev automake intltool
sudo make install
# plugins went into here
ls /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

Now when you start up gimp, you can see the Filters > Map > Resynthesize menu item, but I didn't have the all-important Enhance > Heal Selection entry. That was got by installing another gimp package. 

apt install gimp-plugin-registry   # works on Ubuntu 18.04
apt install gimp-python    # apparently works on 18.10 (with gimp 2.10)

4 thoughts on “Gimp 2.8 Resynthesizer Plugin Ubuntu 18.”

  1. I use Gimp2.10.14 on ubuntu18.04 with Resynth from git and suddenly heal selection didn't work (but Resynth plugin is okay)…I remember it was working before with previous version of 2.10….so now after reading your blog, I just noticed the gimp-pyton thing…in my case, installing that (without gimp-plugin-registry) solved the missing heal selection problem…I just thought of sharing in case someone else encounter the same problem…

  2. Thanks a lot bro. Just followed your steps as is. And it worked super fine even in Ubuntu 16.10 LTS. Thanks a ton.

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