Installing Viber 32 bit on Linux, under wine.

I've seen a few posts about doing this, which should be a relatively simple matter. Install wine, download the Viber installer, and then run 'wine ViberSetup.exe' from a command prompt. And it should be that simple. Except it wasn't in my case, and none of the guides acknowledged any issues. So here, for the internet at large, is how I got this to work.

The first problem was that when I ran 'wine ViberSetup.exe' it would complain it couldn't find the file. Odd, as it was sitting right there. The exact message was something like, 'wine cannot find L:unix/home/me/Downloads/ViberSetup.exe'
I fixed this by running winecfg and setting up a drive mapped to my downloads directory: ie D: was mapped to /home/me/Downloads. After that, running 'wine D:\ViberSetup.exe' kicked off the installer. Yay.

Next problem was that when the installer finished, I got an error about not being able to start. "wine this application failed to start because it couldn't find the plugin Qt Windows" Or something similar. To fix this I ran winecfg again, and changed the default Windows version to XP, whereas it was set at Windows7 before. Running the install again with this setting proved successful.

Hope this helps

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