ID Badge solution

Not sure if I've ranted about ID cards in the Philippines yet. Seems like every building you go into, you have to leave a photo ID and sign in. I hate leaving my passport with them, but that's the only photo ID I have. I normally try and argue my way in. Once I left a calling card which seemed to satisfy them. Once I left a credit card, to my amazement and astonishment — just testing the boundaries of stupidity you understand. Several times I've had to call whoever it was I was meeting and get them to collect me from the lobby.

No more. I think I'll just make my own ID card now — no one said they had to be official. Enter … auto badge generator page …

Love it.

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  1. And yes, just in case you were wondering how I got on, I got the card printed for 12 pesos, and it works fine. No one has ever questioned it … which leads me to fear for the security in the buildings I visit then.

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