Big Switch 4: Softly Softly

Now we’ve got the box booting correctly its time to install some useful pieces of software, and fix a couple of things that don’t work quite right out of the box. Your mileage may vary with this section, as some of the software choices are personal.

OK first golden rule of any Linux install, update all the existing software. As Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian (uh, that’s enough …), then we use:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

… and go away and get a coffee, ‘cos on a 47 kbyte connection this takes a while. Actually make that a coffee, a visit to the gym and lunch.

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Big Switch 3: Tweaking and Troubleshooting

OK, so we did the research and installed the chosen distribution in the last part. Now we’re going to fix some of the problems.

As I mentioned before, this Thinkpad R51e doesn’t play nice with Linux. I tried several distributions on it, and none of them worked perfectly out of the box, leading me to believe that Lenovo had slipped some non-standard hardware in there.

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Big Switch 2: Installation Day

Having chosen the distribution and done some research on the feasibility of the move (see Part 1.), it was time to make some space for the installation.

My hard disk was originally set up with the partitions as follows.

  • hda1 – Windows Partition – 20Gb
  • hda2 – IBM restore partition – 4Gb
  • hda3 -Extended partition, containing 36Gb
    • hda4 – my data partition. 36 Gb.

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