COV-19 Resources in Philippines

Partially for my own use, partially in case it helps anyone else out there, this aims to be a list of useful, non-fake-news resources for navigating the next few months. Feel free to suggest more below. If you are feeling unwell and want to know what you should do, this article summarizes your options. [Executive … Read more

fail2ban sqlite database prune

On servers where fail2ban has been working for a long time, you might notice the size of its database eating up your disk space. I just found one that had ballooned to over 2Gb over the course of a year. You’ll find it hiding in /var/lib/fail2ban/ If its causing you anguish, then you can easily … Read more

systemctl journals filling up your disk

Quick one … your system probably uses logrotate to keep a fixed number of logs, and which stops your disk filling up. Trouble is, that systemctl doesn’t write logs in the normal way so you can’t rely on logrotate any more. Check out your current systemctl log usage with journalctl –disk-usage Wait, whaaaat? Its using … Read more