Captcha Madness

Captcha If You Can
Captcha If You Can

I understand what captchas are for, and why we need them, but they seem to be getting out of control. I recently visited a site which had the captcha displayed here.

For the record the first word wasn't 'stirred'. I saw the option for an audio captcha and wondered how you pronounce 'Ohehyahtah'. If that indeed was the second word. Too good to miss. I pressed the button and found that the audio captcha is just as bizzarrely impenetrable as the text. The mp3 file of it is here, and it reminded me strongly of an early David Lynch film]. Back to the text: after refreshing the words two or three times I was eventually able to get to the next stage.

The next stage involved typing a random string of letters into a box – approximately 200 characters. The web page did kindly suggest that I could cut and paste them into the box, which I did, but really, what this did was turn a quick attempt to give someone some feedback on their blog into a task akin to hacking into NASA.

Security shouldn't be that hard. It should be as unobtrusive as possible. Roll on the next anti-bot paradigm.

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