Message from Above

I was in Church the other weekend attending a mass. As I’m not a religious person, my attention was beginning to wander. Some birds had taken up residence in the roof, so I was watching them for a while, which struck me as mildly odd.

Then the choir started up to lead the congregation in a hymn. The words to the hymn appeared on a vast screen suspended from the ceiling, so that the congregation could follow along with them. As I watched, a dialog box popped up, suggesting that the virus sofware was out of date. Someone hurriedly dispatched it. It appeared again, suggesting that the trial period had expired and that it might be a good time to buy the software. It was dispatched again. Oh for a camera.

I did wonder if the congregation would start singing along with the words on the AV dialog box, but unfortunately they remained focused on the words of the hymn. Admirable. But broken.

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